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Autologous Platelet Gel has proven to be highly effective in healing wounds, including chronic non-healing wounds. The application is simple and takes a total time of 20 minutes. We begin by drawing 20-55 cc of blood from the patient, processing it to get the platelet concentrate (8-10 x baseline and 5 x WBC baseline ) which is sprayed onto the wound with a thrombin mixture that turns into a gelatinous substance.( Biological Active Tissue Graft).


EpiFix is composed of human amniotic membrane which comprises the innermost layer of the placenta and lines the amniotic cavity. EpiFix is composed of multiple layers which include a single layer of epithelial cells, a basement membrane and a vascular connective tissue matrix.
Growth factors present in EpiFix
Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) – Promotes proliferation of
epithelial cells
  • Transforming Growth Factor- b (TGF-b) –
    Anti-inflammatory, and promotes normal wound healing
    and reduced scar formation
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) – Promotes cellular
    proliferation & important for collagen matrix formation
  • Platelet Derived Growth Factor A & B (PDGF A & B) –
    Promotes cell proliferation in connective tissue & enhances
    soft tissue healing

    Extracellular Components
    The Extracellular Matrix of amniotic membrane is
    composed of 3 major biomolecules:
  • Structural proteins: collagen types IV, V and VII, and elastin
  • Specialized proteins: fibronectin, TIMPs†, and laminins
  • Proteoglycans: formed when GAGS are linked to core proteins
†Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases
EpiFix® and MiMedx® are registered trademarks of MiMedx Group, Inc. EpiFix is processed by Surgical Biologics, a MiMedx Group Company.
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*Confirmed by HPLC tests of sterilized EpiFix
September 28, 2017

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