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Perioperative Blood Management (PBM) is a multi-disciplinary, evidence-based, comprehensive approach to insure that the Right Patient gets the Right Amount of the Right Blood Product and the Right time. PBM includes compiling an individualized program from a range of services, technology and equipment that best meets the needs of your facility. Suncoast Perfusion Services allows you to obtain all services, technology and equipment you need for a high quality PBM program from one provider. Suncoast Perfusion Services will also continue to give you support and guidance where needed.

Many lives have been saved by blood transfusions. Like so many other treatments, there is risk involved in blood transfusion. By implementing a preoperative blood management program and strategically minimizing allogeneic blood transfusions, you can help promote better patient outcomes in the following ways;

  • Reduce infection rate
  • Decrease length of stay
  • Eliminate transfusion reactions
  • Reduce administrative errors

products-img-box1 The blood supply is a limited resource that should be conserved whenever possible. Implementing a PBM program protects this precious resource and provides a safe and cost effective alternative to allogeneic transfusions.

The cost of blood is significant and always increasing. The graph to the left shows the economic benefits of using the fixed cost of Autotransfusion services vs. incurring the rising cost of each unit during and after surgery. This table assumes that the total acquisition and processing cost per unit is $761.00. Even if a single unit is required, Autotransfusion is economically viable. No matter how many units are processed the charge remains the same for ATS.

Suncoast Perfusion Services has teamed up with companies such as Haemonetics to provide a completely comprehensive suite of blood management solutions to meet cost-reduction demands, reduce waste, and provide a higher standard of patient care.
To help our customers achieve a higher standard of patient care, we guide you through an effective blood management approach which includes services, devices, actionable information to guide transfusion practices and ongoing measurements to change behavior. Suncoast uses a data –driven approach in helping to establish best practices in blood management and partnering with our customers to implement recommendations that optimize the facilities blood product usage.


Each facility is unique and therefore data collection must be the starting point for an effective blood management program. Using IOL, our team will compile 3 years of past data from your separate hospital computer systems. The Suncoast team will then present the data along with a suggested plan of action to best optimize blood products and patient outcomes at your facility. We will continue to guide the blood management team as well as help in educating medical staff on new standards of care. We will continue to collect live data from your facility so that we can show improvements, changes in behavior and cost reductions.


Suncoast can provide you with devices to help achieve your blood management goals. We take the hassle out of choosing devices for you, we have access to all devices on the market have vetted them all and use only the best on the market. You can trust us to guide you in the direction that is best for your facility. We offer devices to track blood products from donor to recipient, calculate the amount and type of blood product needed for a specific patient, track blood product usage, store and distribute blood products, process autologous blood and provide cardiopulmonary support. We offer training, in-services and ongoing support for devices at your facility.


Suncoast Perfusion Services has become the only free standing perfusion company in the nation to be accredited by The Joint Commission under their Ambulatory Health Care program. We pride ourselves in the highest quality of services provided by highly trained professionals. Suncoast offers our customers the options of service only for perfusion, Autotransfusion and platelet gel procedures or a complete program including the service, machines, disposables, insurance, policy and procedures, QC/QA, in-services and consulting.

Suncoast Perfusion services was established in 1998 in Naples, Fl. Our staff has years of expertise in developing perfusion programs in heart centers new and existing. We offer a complete, customized suite of services that positively affects patients, staff and your bottom line. Our staff are available for your facility 24/7 365 days a year.


Suncoast Perfusion is the First in The Nation to become accredited by The Joint Commission under their strict Ambulatory Health Care program.
The level of quality, skill and continuing education of our clinical professionals promotes the safety of our patients and the peace of mind of our clients.


products-img-box3Each year an increasing amount of hospital administrators and surgeons are realizing the proven effectiveness of outsourcing their perfusion program to experts in the field.

Suncoast Perfusion individualizes each program with custom solutions that help our clients:

  • Better manage operating and capital cost
  • Focus on core strengths
  • Optimize internal resources
  • Obtain access to the world and industry best practices


Suncoast Perfusion is dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective services. Our clients choose us because:
  • We are Accredited by The Joint Commission
  • We comply with all AABB and CAP guidelines
  • We offer an extensive scope of practice
  • We provide comprehensive in-services for our clients preoperative staff
  • We utilize state of the art equipment from leading manufacturers
  • We provide policy and procedures to comply with all guidelines
  • We provide performance management tools to obtain improved outcomes and patient safety

products-img-box4IMPACT ONLINE is a Blood Management Business Intelligence Portal made by Haemonetics. IOL provides actionable data for measurable results. Information specific to your facility is key to achieving a truly optimized blood management program.


IMPACT Online is uniquely designed to convert individual data into relevant organizational goals, empowering hospitals to achieve optimal blood management. Impact online provides a hospital-wide executive summary of blood use and clinical outcomes and also provides detailed metrics for transfusion service, orthopedic and cardiovascular surgery. The robust and expanding database can also benchmark an organization against other institutions similar in size, type and geography.


The unique capabilities of IMPACT Online allows users to:

  • products-img-box5

    Compare blood product use and clinical outcomes by physician on a monthly basis in order to effectively manage performance.

  • Review hospital-wide clinical outcomes and blood use by service line, procedure and diagnostic codes
  • Evaluate patient outcome factors such as length of stay, complication and infection rate, hemoglobin management metrics and anemia management metrics.
  • Benchmark your institution against other institutions clinical metrics.
  • Track important transfusion related patient details from admission to discharge

TEG® 5000

Hemostasis Analyzer System
products-img-box6Adding the TEG®5000 Hemostasis Analyzer System to your hemostasis management can help improve patient outcomes and may decrease healthcare costs. The TEG system provides a more complete picture of patient’s hemostasis thus helping you deliver more targeted treatment. The TEG System facilitates your understanding of hemorrhagic or thrombotic risk by revealing;

  • Rate of Clot Formation
  • Strength and stability of clot
  • Effect of platelet, coagulation factor, and cellular interactions
  • Maximum platelet function
  • Risk of hemorrhage and thrombosis and identification of fibrinolysis
  • If patient has been inhibited too much or too little

    We are pleased to announce we are now providing services in your area. We would be honored to provide your facility with a high quality blood management program. Please review the information in this packet and then give us a call to schedule an in-person proposal. We look forward to hearing from you.We are confident we can:

  • Help you drive down cost
  • Improve the standard of care
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Improve surgeon satisfaction
  • We provide:
    • Comprehensive blood management programs
    • Autotransfusion
    • Post- op Autotransfusion
    • Platelet Gel Procedures
    • Bone Marrow Concentration
    • Perfusion
    • Information management
    • Blood Management Team support
    • Education for staff and community
    • Policies and procedures that comply with all guidelines
    • Insurance
    • Certified staff
    • Individualized programs
    • Actionable data reports
    • Much more


products-img-box7Studies show that 98% of patients want their own blood back rather than to receive bank blood.  Providing Autotransfusion on one procedure can save thousands of dollars.

  • No Risk of disease transmission
  • No transfusion reaction
  • No lab test needed
  • Cost effective even if only one unit transfused


products-img-box8Many surgeries such as total joints and laminectomies lose the most blood in their first 6 hours post op. We provide post operative autransfusion for up to 24 hrs. Our certified autotransfusionist will follow the patient from the OR to their room, processing blood as necessary and giving it to the RN to reinfuse to the patient. This is washed RBC’s prepared by a an autotransfusionist, not the controversial “flip and drip” systems. This technique can eliminate the need for pre-donation and bank blood.

Suncoast Perfusion was one of the first companies in the nation to apply blood management techniques to orthopedic procedures. We offer several different options to cater to each surgeon and patient’s needs.


Using intra-operative Autotransfusion on procedures such as total hips and laminectomies can eliminate the need for pre-donated and bank blood. Autotransfusion is deemed medically necessary if there is expected moderate blood loss or you are operating near a major blood vessel. Studies show that 98% of patients prefer their doctors order Autotransfusion for their surgical procedures.


Since most orthopedic procedures, especially total knees, lose most of their blood post operatively, we offer up to 24 hours post operative Autotransfusion. This Autotransfusion is performed by a certified, insured, autotransfusionist. The RBC’s are washed free of any contaminates and given to the RN for immediate reinfusion to the patient. This greatly lowers the patient’s exposure to any potential risk from bank blood.


A small study done by a prominent orthopaedic Dr. and Suncoast Perfusion on total knee replacements showed a marked improvement in patient outcome. The length of stay in the group using Platelet Gel was 1.2 days lower. The need for bank blood was 23% less in the Platelet Gel Group. There was less blood loss in the Platelet Gel group and the Hbg dropped more than half a percent less with the gel. There have also been larger studies done that reinforce the same findings in addition to showing a dramatic decrease in pain medication and an improvement of range of motion post-operatively in the platelet gel group. The platelet gel can be sprayed on the prosthesis before implanting and then directly on the surgical site after implanting, and then again with each layer.
PRP has also been shown to dramatically decrease infection rate, increase fusion times in bone grafts and significantly decrease postoperative swelling and pain.
PRP is an excellent treatment for torn ligaments, tendons and muscles. PRP can be used in conjunction with Autotransfusion, or if your blood loss is low, it can eliminate the need for a post- op drain.


The Graft Delivery Device is designed to deliver allograft, autograft or synthetic bone graft materials to an orthopedic surgical site. The system is:


  • Easy to assemble and simple to use
  • Cost effective
  • Facilitates the pre-mixing of bone graft materials with fluids such as:
  • intravenous fluids ◦blood ◦plasma ◦platelet rich plasma
  • bone marrow ◦other fluids


The post -operative autotransfusion is performed by a certified autotransfusionst. The newest technology allows the autotransfusionist to concentrate and wash red cells to a hematocrit of 70% to 80% with a RBC recovery of >80%. The product is a high-quality RBC product with Albumin removal of >95%, Free hemoglobin removal of >95%, and Heparin removal of >95%.
Just one patient with a transfusion reaction to bank blood can cost more than one year of autotransfusion for your facility.

Intra-operatively it is always better safe than sorry! Order Autotransfusion on procedures that are in close proximity to any major blood vessel.

PRP Therapy successful in preventing amputations, healing ACL tears without surgery, healing tennis elbow with an injection, healing torn rotator cuff with injection instead of surgery. If surgery is needed PRP is a valuable
tool. The use of Platelet Gel to inhibit the growth of bacterial strains commonly found in surgical site infections has been published in two medical journals, demonstrating the biological activity of the harvested material to be effective in inhibiting known nosocomial pathogens in- vitro and in- vivo; including MRSA & MSSA.
Platelet Rich Plasma is 100% biocompatible and safe. It poses absolutely no infectious risk to the patient because it is made from the patient’s own plasma. No time consuming visits to the blood bank for pre-donation is required, and all the remarkable benefits of enhanced and superior wound healing is easily achieved for a markedly improved surgical outcome.
Suncoast Perfusion Services, Inc.



Autologous Platelet Gel has proven to be highly effective in healing wounds, including chronic non-healing wounds. The application is simple and takes a total time of 20 minutes. We begin by drawing 20-55 cc of blood from the patient, processing it to get the platelet concentrate (8-10 x baseline and 5 x WBC baseline ) which is sprayed onto the wound with a thrombin mixture that turns into a gelatinous substance.( Biological Active Tissue Graft).


EpiFix is composed of human amniotic membrane which comprises the innermost layer of the placenta and lines the amniotic cavity. EpiFix is composed of multiple layers which include a single layer of epithelial cells, a basement membrane and a vascular connective tissue matrix.
Growth factors present in EpiFix
Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) – Promotes proliferation of
epithelial cells
  • Transforming Growth Factor- b (TGF-b) –
    Anti-inflammatory, and promotes normal wound healing
    and reduced scar formation
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) – Promotes cellular
    proliferation & important for collagen matrix formation
  • Platelet Derived Growth Factor A & B (PDGF A & B) –
    Promotes cell proliferation in connective tissue & enhances
    soft tissue healing

    Extracellular Components
    The Extracellular Matrix of amniotic membrane is
    composed of 3 major biomolecules:
  • Structural proteins: collagen types IV, V and VII, and elastin
  • Specialized proteins: fibronectin, TIMPs†, and laminins
  • Proteoglycans: formed when GAGS are linked to core proteins
†Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases
EpiFix® and MiMedx® are registered trademarks of MiMedx Group, Inc. EpiFix is processed by Surgical Biologics, a MiMedx Group Company.
©2012 MiMedx Group, Inc. All rights reserved. 60 Chastain Center Blvd., Suite 60, Kennesaw, GA 30144, USA
*Confirmed by HPLC tests of sterilized EpiFix

Suncoast Perfusion Services can provide services to you at:
  • Physician Officesproducts-img-box10
  • Surgical Centers
  • Wound Care Centers
  • Joint Clinics
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Extended Care Facilities

Services Offered

  • Platelet Gel (PRP Therapy)products-img-box11
  • Autotransfusion
  • Bone Marrow Aspiration Concentration (stem cell concentration)
  • Autologous Fibrin Glue
  • Plasmapheresis


  • We are a full service provider for Autotransfusion Platelet Gel, Perfusion, BMAC and much more.
  • We supply everything needed—the staff, machines, disposables, policy and procedure book.
  • We are the first Perfusion Company in the nation to become accredited by the Joint Commission.
  • We were established in 1998 and we now provide services for over 27 accounts in the state of Florida.
  •  We have highly trained medical professionals providing services.
  • We individualize our comprehensive programs to fit the needs of each facility.
  • We provide services at hospitals, surgery centers, wound care centers, physician offices and urgent care centers.
  • We strive on providing high quality, cost effective services.
  • We have a stringent QC/QA program.

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