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products-img-box8Many surgeries such as total joints and laminectomies lose the most blood in their first 6 hours post op. We provide post operative autransfusion for up to 24 hrs. Our certified autotransfusionist will follow the patient from the OR to their room, processing blood as necessary and giving it to the RN to reinfuse to the patient. This is washed RBC’s prepared by a an autotransfusionist, not the controversial “flip and drip” systems. This technique can eliminate the need for pre-donation and bank blood.

September 29, 2017


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Raelene Totterdale President and CEO co-founded Suncoast Perfusion Services in 1998. She is currently a member of the AABB and President of The National Board Of Perioperative Blood Management Read More

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Suncoast Perfusion Services goes above and beyond most traditional perfusion companies. We are a comprehensive blood product management company that works with you to improve the standards of care.Read More


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