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Suncoast Perfusion was one of the first companies in the nation to apply blood management techniques to orthopedic procedures. We offer several different options to cater to each surgeon and patient’s needs.


Using intra-operative Autotransfusion on procedures such as total hips and laminectomies can eliminate the need for pre-donated and bank blood. Autotransfusion is deemed medically necessary if there is expected moderate blood loss or you are operating near a major blood vessel. Studies show that 98% of patients prefer their doctors order Autotransfusion for their surgical procedures.


Since most orthopedic procedures, especially total knees, lose most of their blood post operatively, we offer up to 24 hours post operative Autotransfusion. This Autotransfusion is performed by a certified, insured, autotransfusionist. The RBC’s are washed free of any contaminates and given to the RN for immediate reinfusion to the patient. This greatly lowers the patient’s exposure to any potential risk from bank blood.


A small study done by a prominent orthopaedic Dr. and Suncoast Perfusion on total knee replacements showed a marked improvement in patient outcome. The length of stay in the group using Platelet Gel was 1.2 days lower. The need for bank blood was 23% less in the Platelet Gel Group. There was less blood loss in the Platelet Gel group and the Hbg dropped more than half a percent less with the gel. There have also been larger studies done that reinforce the same findings in addition to showing a dramatic decrease in pain medication and an improvement of range of motion post-operatively in the platelet gel group. The platelet gel can be sprayed on the prosthesis before implanting and then directly on the surgical site after implanting, and then again with each layer.
PRP has also been shown to dramatically decrease infection rate, increase fusion times in bone grafts and significantly decrease postoperative swelling and pain.
PRP is an excellent treatment for torn ligaments, tendons and muscles. PRP can be used in conjunction with Autotransfusion, or if your blood loss is low, it can eliminate the need for a post- op drain.


The Graft Delivery Device is designed to deliver allograft, autograft or synthetic bone graft materials to an orthopedic surgical site. The system is:


  • Easy to assemble and simple to use
  • Cost effective
  • Facilitates the pre-mixing of bone graft materials with fluids such as:
  • intravenous fluids ◦blood ◦plasma ◦platelet rich plasma
  • bone marrow ◦other fluids


The post -operative autotransfusion is performed by a certified autotransfusionst. The newest technology allows the autotransfusionist to concentrate and wash red cells to a hematocrit of 70% to 80% with a RBC recovery of >80%. The product is a high-quality RBC product with Albumin removal of >95%, Free hemoglobin removal of >95%, and Heparin removal of >95%.
Just one patient with a transfusion reaction to bank blood can cost more than one year of autotransfusion for your facility.

Intra-operatively it is always better safe than sorry! Order Autotransfusion on procedures that are in close proximity to any major blood vessel.

PRP Therapy successful in preventing amputations, healing ACL tears without surgery, healing tennis elbow with an injection, healing torn rotator cuff with injection instead of surgery. If surgery is needed PRP is a valuable
tool. The use of Platelet Gel to inhibit the growth of bacterial strains commonly found in surgical site infections has been published in two medical journals, demonstrating the biological activity of the harvested material to be effective in inhibiting known nosocomial pathogens in- vitro and in- vivo; including MRSA & MSSA.
Platelet Rich Plasma is 100% biocompatible and safe. It poses absolutely no infectious risk to the patient because it is made from the patient’s own plasma. No time consuming visits to the blood bank for pre-donation is required, and all the remarkable benefits of enhanced and superior wound healing is easily achieved for a markedly improved surgical outcome.
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