Suncoast Perfusion Services goes above and beyond most traditional perfusion companies. We are a comprehensive blood product management company that works with you to improve the standards of care, have more continuity of care and insure cost effectiveness. Our goal is to insure the right patient gets the right blood product in the right amount at the right time for the right outcome. We individualized each program to fit the needs of the facility. We will become an integral part of your team helping you to derive and carry out plans of action for improvement. Suncoast has also teamed up with Haemonetics to bring our customers even more blood product management tools and services. Below is a link to a brief demonstration of one of our blood management tools that helps us come up with actionable plans for your particular facility based on your own data.www.optimizeblood.com
Below is a list of services you can choose from when designing your blood management program

including machine, certified
technician and disposables for one set fee
Autotransfusion services arrow2 arrow2  
Post Operative Autotransfusion arrow2 arrow2  
Jehovah’s Witness’ Autotransfusion arrow2 arrow2  
24 hour OrthoPat Autotransfusion arrow2 arrow2  
CardioPat post operative Autotransfusion arrow2 arrow2  
Bone Marrow Stem Cell Concentration arrow2 arrow2  
Autologous Fibrin Glue arrow2 arrow2  
Platelet Gel Procedures arrow2 arrow2  
Platelet Gel Applicators and Tips arrow2 arrow2  
Bone Graft Delivery Systems   arrow2  
Policy and Procedures that abide to
AABB/JCAHO/ OSHA and hospital guidelines
arrow2 arrow2 arrow2
Assistance with establishing a blood Management Team   arrow2  
Physician Staff and Community Education   arrow2  
IMPACT ONLINE   arrow2  
TEG SYSTEM   arrow2  
Blood Tracks System   arrow2  
Quarterly Blood Management Meetings/ Consultations   arrow2  
A Blood Product Usage Reduction Plan   arrow2  
Perfusion Complete Program   arrow2  
Bone graft delivery device      
Applicator Assembly Kits      

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